Liles Investigations provides professional and confidential investigative services to attorneys, businesses, and private parties. Cynthia Liles can tackle a case, uncover lost information, find witnesses and conduct interviews, and put all the pieces together for trial. Liles works with both plaintiffs and defendants in civil case investigations.

Witness interviews are Liles’ specialty. She is an effective and thorough interviewer — witnesses are comfortable talking with her. Liles follows up with written summaries of her interviews, so busy trial lawyers know what each witness is going to say and have important contact information ready to go.

With years of litigation and trial experience, Liles understands what to look for in documents and witness testimony. She understands what will make a difference in the outcome and value of your case.

Liles has decades of experience working the following cases:

● Sex Abuse  ● Elder Abuse  ● Medical Malpractice  ● Personal injury
● Wrongful Death  ● Estate/Heir Locate