Private parties value Liles Investigations for its confidential, discrete and thorough approach. Liles finds missing persons, conducts thorough background checks, finds assets and locates debtors. Liles holds herself to the highest standard in getting results for you.

Liles has extensive experience with:

  • Background investigations:
    We know where to look and how to obtain the information you need. When you need to be sure about someone, we can help. There are many reasons to check someone out — maybe you are a landlord, hiring an employee, dating, looking for a trustworthy childcare or elder provider, or checking out a doctor for an important surgical procedure. We provide a real background investigation — not simply a database search.
  • Missing persons — we can find almost anyone:
    We have the experience, skills and resources to find people who are missing for all types of reasons — often quickly and inexpensively. We can help you find family members, long-lost friends and acquaintances, runaways, victims, debtors who owe you money, and witnesses.
  • Locating debtors and asset searches:
    Liles Investigations can locate and identify company or indivdually held assets such a real property, business ownership interests, income sources, financial accounts, and liabilities such as civil litigation, judgments, tax liens, defaults and bankruptcies.
We can find just about anyone.
-Cynthia Liles